Church Organisation

In total, over fifty people are involved in the day-to-day management of our Church. Their duties range from leading our worship to arranging the flowers, from providing the music to reading the lessons. The Parochial Church Council administers the Parish and Church, under the leadership of the Team Vicar and Parish Curate. The current members of the Team are as follows:-


    Team Rector : Canon David Tomlinson - 01799-500947
    Team Vicar : Position vacant
    Assistant Curate : John Saxon – 01799-541619


    Nina Manser - 01799-541863
    Ursula Lyons - 01799-543164

PCC Members - Elected and Ex Officio

    Sally Arkwright : Henry Blackie : Mica Brown : Mike Clarke
    Ben Diggins : Harriet Holder : Ursula Lyons : Nina Manser
    Roger Manser : Christine Martin : John Saxon : Tony Vernon    

Other Posts

    PCC Secretary : Tony Vernon - 01371-830801
    PCC Treasurer : Henry Blackie
    Team Council : Henry Blackie : Ursula Lyons
    Church Mice : Ursula Lyons - 01799-543164
    Deanery Synod : Harriet Holder : Ursula Lyons
    Safeguarding : Ursula Lyons
    Organist : Roger Manser - 01799-541863

Contact by email (TRAIL VERSION ONLY)

    Administration : Webmaster
    Assistant Curate : Assistant Curate